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AFRICA/BURKINA FASO - Single mothers, rejected by society, but recipients of God's love

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Posted on: 04/02/18
Ouagadougou - In Burkina Faso, Father Maurice Oudet is "the angel of single mothers". He welcomes them. He offers friendship, spiritual comfort, by offering the Word of the Gospel and the love of Christ. He finds them a home and a source of income. It is a difficult task because in the "Country of men of integrity" mothers are the object of stigma and marginalization. When a young woman is pregnant and not married, she is rejected by her family, but also by society especially if her partner refuses to marry her. This happens above all among the "Mossi", the second largest ethnic group in the country. Maurice Oudet, a missionary of the White Fathers, welcomes them in the community of Koudougou, the third largest city in the country, and offers them a chance for redemption. "When the girls come to see me - explains Father Maurice to Agenzia Fides - they are deeply distressed. My first task is to comfort them to make them understand that God has not rejected them, on the contrary: he loves them as his creatures. They too are recipients of God's love. After having reassured them I start looking for a place where they can be accommodated. Sometimes I can convince an aunt or a relative. Other times I take them to families who are willing to accept them".
Father Maurice does not leave them alone. When the girls need treatment, I get them the medicine. I accompany them to the dispensaries or hospitals. When the baby's birth approaches, Father Maurice pays for an ultrasound to avoid risks during delivery. "Recently - the missionary continues - an ultrasound allowed us to save a mother and her twins". Father Oudet understood that these girls had to be guaranteed an economic autonomy that would allow them to make a living and keep their children. A few years ago he started to give small loans to start micro-credit activities.


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