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ASIA/INDIA - "May India be guided by justice and truth": the hope of Christians for Holy Week

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Posted on: 04/02/18
New Delhi - "In this Holy Week, let us pray for our country and its political leaders, at federal and regional levels, so that they can be guided by justice and truth. Let us bring before God the innocent, who languish in prisons or suffer in their place of work, or who are troubled by their oppressors and cry for justice. We implore the consolation and comfort of God for all those who suffer from illness, oppression and deprivation": this is what Msgr. Theodore Mascarenhas, Secretary General of the Indian Bishops Conference says to Agenzia Fides, explaining the spirit with which the faithful Indians live Holy Week.
While the Catholic Church is approaching the celebrations that culminate in Easter Sunday, the Secretary notes that "all the gestures and rites carried out these days are very significant for India": "During the Holy Week, let us reflect on the suffering, the Passion, the death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. In harmony with his teachings of humility and service, Holy Thursday celebrates the establishment of the Christian priesthood and of the Holy Mass, commemorating the Lord's Last Supper with his chosen apostles. In this celebration the priest washes the disciples’ feet to teach them the true meaning of humility and service. On Good Friday we reflect on the sufferings, the passion and death of Jesus. And on Saturday evening, during the Easter Vigil we celebrate the Lord who rose from the dead - the victory of good over the powers of evil, the triumph of life over death, of the Just against the forces of injustice".
Msgr. Mascarenhas recalls that "Jesus, the Son of God took our sins upon himself and taught us to love and to forgive until death on the cross. His life and death is described by Mahatma Gandhi in these words: A completely innocent man, offered himself as a sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the redemption of the world". This gesture strikes deep within men of all religions and cultures in India: "Jesus rose from the dead and his resurrection is the source of hope for us because in the end, as the utmost Sanskrit 'Satyameva Jayate' says - truth prevails", says the Secretary General.
With Easter, Christians send and witness "a message of justice and hope" to the whole country: "May the joy, peace and love of Jesus Christ be with each Indian and pervade the whole nation, society and politics: this is the wish and the wish we express on the occasion of Easter", he concludes.


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