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Receiving a Cake with Delight, at Midnight, in Chennai

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Posted on: 02/19/18

Although the name has changed from Madras to Chennai, the pleasantly complex conglomeration of the rural and urban has not! Tamil Nadu’s capital city is a marvelous blend of culinary, artistic and religious traditions, leaving the visitor with the feeling that this would be a great place to reside in. Of course, the highlight of the place is Marina beach with its vast expanse of sea, sun, and sand! Since the city refuses to sleep, similar to its sister metros, one can easily place an order to for midnight cake delivery in Chennai through

Cakes with Character

Any toddler, or even an adolescent, would love to see the image of her face staring back at her! True, the iced features present on the surface of the strawberry, vanilla, etc, cake, would not be an exact replica of her visage, but the idea should appeal to anyone with a childlike heart. Even if woken up suddenly at the stroke of midnight, the ‘birthday’ girl will not feel like complaining while viewing the curls and fringes exhibited by a well-styled hair, the pert nose, the brilliantly black eyes and the winsome smile! Alternatively, there are cakes with princesses outlined on them.

Is there something for the boys too? Oh, yes, there are, in the form of Angry Birds, Nemo, faces with mustaches, trains, Pokémon, etc.

Love-Filled Hearts

Adults, especially couples celebrating Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries, ‘date’ anniversaries or engagements, would not mind receiving ‘affectionate hearts’ in the form of a midnight cake delivery in Chennai. It could be that one partner has ordered the gift for the other, or it could be that a third person has forwarded a delicious present to his/her close friends. Whether the gift comprises of a lone heart suggesting that ‘two hearts beat as one’ or two intertwined hearts, the couple is bound to welcome it with glee! As for the flavors, they include Butterscotch, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, fruits, chocolate truffle, pineapple and the Black Forest.

Solid and Square

A squarish-shaped cake is ideal for the entire family, whatever is the occasion. It may be half-a-kg, a kg, or even 2 kg, depending upon the size of the family. The same ingredients that go into making heart-shaped cakes are available here too. The giver may request any kind of topping, such as cherries, iced flowers, a carving of initials/names, or specific designs. The bakers are ready to oblige! In fact, making a choice for a surprise midnight cake delivery in Chennai may prove rather difficult, since every cake appears so luscious, soft and visually appealing! There may even be the urge to order not just one cake, but also a couple, three, or more! Nonetheless, a cake is a cake and the recipient or recipients are bound to cherish this thoughtful gift forever.

This is not all, for online cake shop,, offer a variety of cakes to their customers. For instance, there are tier cakes, photo cakes, cake combos, eggless cakes and five-star cakes on display too. Naturally, consumers keep returning for more!


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