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Send Cakes to Patna When You Are Away
When you do small little things for your loved one, it makes a big difference. In any occasion, a cake ... ...


Send Cakes to Patna When You Are Away

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Posted on: 01/31/18

When you do small little things for your loved one, it makes a big difference. In any occasion, a cake can do magic when you want someone to feel special and loved. Few decades back, if you wish to send cakes to Patna, then it might seem impossible due to distance.However, now itís easy and convenient. When one thinks of cake, there is a wide range available to select from.

1.        Shape Cake: In this category, the cakes include avariety of shapes like circle, square and heart. One can select from a variety of available coatings and decoration such as chocolate, vanilla and pineapple, butterscotch, black forest, strawberry cake, chocolate truffle cake and many more. Shape cakes are also known as regular cakes. One can ask for customized decoration and icing as well.

2.        Eggless Cake: These cakes have no egg and are specially made taking care of vegetarian people. One can select different topping and icing like chocolate, vanilla, pineapple, black forest, dark chocolate, butterscotch, mixed fruit, etc for the same.

3.        5-starBakery Cake:5-star bakeries specially baked these cakes. This category of cakes includes an exotic coating of strawberry, mixed fruit, pineapple, walnut, almond, etc. with beautiful icing decoration.

4.        Floor Cake: This category of cake is also known as tier cake. These are made in 2 to 3 layers of cake base. These are available in different shapes like heart, square, circle, rectangle, etc. along withunique themes in tier cakes to select as per theoccasion.

5.        Cartoon Cake: This range includes cakes that are based on avarious cartoon or daily life characters. One can select cakes based on characters like Barbie, moustache man cake, doll design cake, angry birds cake and minion based theme cake, etc.

6.        Number and Shape Cake: This category of cakes includes birthday age number cake as well as cakes that are based on interest area, for example, sports, music, adventure, name letter, racing, transport, etc.

7.        Photo Cake: When you think to send photo cake then the eggless photo is one the best options to select from. In this category, you have full freedom to customize the top of the cake with pictures of your loved one with a small message, or you can even select the cartoon character picture for the cake.

8.        Cake and Combos:When you send a cake to Patna, then it will surprise your dear one and make him or herpleased. One can select combos with a cake like additional flower vase, flower bouquet, heart-shaped bouquet, chocolate bouquet, soft teddy, etc.

Everyone loves cakes, whether they are children, young or old. Making any occasion more special and enjoyable cutting a cake is a must. When you think of sending agift to Patna donít forget to rely on a good service provider. While sending gifts to a distant place the role of the service provider is very important, as no one wants the surprise to reach broken or spoilt.


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